What Are Redaptice, Emboline, Simplr Solutions & They Were in News

There is a large number of companies and we read about them and hear their names in some context. If you are an investor in stock trade, you might have come across names of many companies from stock investment perspective. You may not generally be reading details about companies that you come across unless you have some specific reason to read them or there is some special news about the company. Many people just do it to gain knowledge about various business. Everyone has his own perspective to read business journals and to know of the companies the details of which appear in these journals.

Redaptice, Emboline, Simplr Solutions

What are Redaptice, Emboline, Simplr Solutions

These are not dictionary terms but name of companies that were in limelight sometimes back. You may not be aware with the names Redaptice, Emboline, Simplr Solutions, GraphWear and Rare Bits, but these are the companies that hit the headline of Silicon Valley Business Journal and the headline was “The Funded: 5 Bay Area startups raise $50M at week’s end.” This headline is about these five startup companies that were successful in scoring big venture funding from private firms. Their collective funding was as high as about $50 million with contribution to Redaptice, Emboline, Simplr Solutions, GraphWear and Rare Bits going $20 million, $10 million, $8 million, $4.2 million and $6 million respectively.

What business Redaptice, Emboline, Simplr Solutions do

All venture-funded companies have different businesses. Redaptice, Emboline, Simplr Solutions, the top three companies are engaged in providing energy efficiency upgrades for commercial real estate, developing a device for total embolic protection during transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedures, and dealing in customer service solutions respectively. The two others GraphWear and Rare Bits are engaged in graphene-based sensor manufacturing and crypto-goods vending respectively. This is a business news that may be of interest for many small and medium entrepreneurs as their situation may be same as that of these companies.




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