Toastmasters International: A Non-profit That Creates Speakers & Leaders

The term “Toastmaster” was coined first in united states somewhere around middle of 20th century and prevailed there but found its place in various English language dictionaries. The term appears to be interesting and appears like some brand name, but it actually refers to a person in-charge of the public speaking events. A toastmaster is an important person in organization of the event. The toastmasterhas been considered important anchor in a public speaking event or entertainment event.

What’s Toastmasters

Here we will discuss another aspect of 토스트마스터즈. It’s the name of an international non-profit organization which helps people in improving their communication and leadership skills. This is a kind of unique objective this non-profit organization has set. The organization has established clubs in South Korea that have trained many individuals and created great leaders.


We may refer to South River Toastmasters (SRTM), the oldest and most popular in Korea, established in 1999, helped many people rise in their positions and attain a very high status. There is no specific consideration to be a member of this club because it attracts people from all walks of life and true leaders are created from among them. SRTM has trained and created professional speakers who have earned big name and made big accomplishments. They are real super stars.

Mission of Toastmasters

Toastmasters, having full name Toastmasters International, is for the benefit of every individual and there’s no disparity because everyone is welcomed here. The mission of this non-profit organization is to explore the talent and to create future speakers and leaders from the world filled with people with talents. The organizers feel that they are gifting the world with hidden talents. The meetings are invited for open invitation on a scheduled venue, date and time. The members have to pay just a little membership fee and rest expenses are borne by the club.

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